Specializing in chair massages for events and the trade show industry for over 18 years. Currently we are, and have been for the past 15 years, the in-house event massage provider for the second largest convention center in the country. Our company was started back in 1999 by an ex U. S. Navy-Marine Hospital Corpsman... bringing a standard of service, with that military discipline and uniformity, with the helpful, positive, and caring attitude of a Field Medic. A standard of service that still continues today. We have the experience and know the importance of each and every event, as well as the heavy demands that normally comes along with them. Most importantly, our team knows what it means to be a professional, and to provide a quality service for each and everyone of our clients.
Eighteen years of providing our services for 100's of different industries' events, international and domestic, large and small, and some considered the world's largest. Massage is universal, it's therapeutic and appreciated and sought out by people from all walks of life. We've provided massage for such events as the serious American Heart Association's Annual Conference, the prestigious Professional Golf Association's Merchandise Show, the laid back Surf Expo, the Global Watersports and Beach/Lifestyle Tradeshow, the Professional Beauty Industry's annual Premiere Beauty Show,  the humongous International Builders Show, the fun loving International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions, the moving, nonstop, Zumba Instructors Expo, and the American Kennel Club's National Dog Championships, and many more. Take a look at our client list to see who you might know. 
We all have a normal amount of daily tension and stress...
But with the anxiety of traveling, the long hours and longs days that nearly every"body" puts in during most events, not only increases that tension and stress, but usually leads to sore bodies and fatigued minds. The majority of Attendees and Exhibitors we massage, according to them, are not there for the tension and stress relief, but for relief from headaches, stiff necks, painful shoulders, painful feet and calves, and a lot of sore backs! For most Attendees, they are just not use to all of the walking and sitting in multiple classes, and for most Exhibitors, its from standing at their exhibits for hours on end each day.  Then we see many of both at almost every convention seeking relief for a stiff neck or aching back from sleeping on uncomfortable hotel pillows and/or hotel beds.
We work with, Corporate Executives, Event Planners, Show Management, Exhibitors, Sales/Marketing Executives, CMPs, and DMCs, and try to help them make their events come off with less tension and stress as well as assist those with other medical needs. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with... the less stress, the better... we know that!  And with our team's experience and knowledge of the trade show industry and corporate events, along with knowing the layout of the Orange County Convention Center and other area convention venues, helps make everyone's job easier and can help things get done a lot faster.
Our Massage Therapists are licensed professionals in the State of Florida, and regulated by the Florida Department of Health and Medical Quality Assurance, as well as trained and experienced in event massage services. So you are literally in good hands!  🙂
Our list of event massage services include, short, seated massages (chair massages), mini-hand massages, reflexology/foot massages, sports and sports style table massages
The Mayo Clinic states that, today, everyone needs to take time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate to maintain their health. Not only does event chair massages assist attendees with all three, they can have other positive health implications as well. In just 10 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate decreases, producing a state of calmness and as mentioned earlier, provides relief from headaches, stiff necks, aching shoulders and backs... and those sore aching feet. So just having massage available at any event or office is a plus, especially for those who need it!
So contact us today about having massage at your event or workplace!

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