We have been specializing in chair massage for corporate offices, corporate events and the trade show industry for over 17 years. We know what it means to provide a quality service. We are currently, and have been for the past 14 years, the in-house event and convention massage provider here in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center,  proudly referred to as "The Center of Hospitality"! Hundreds of professional associations' trade shows, expos, conventions, meetings, and events, are held there annually. It is the second largest convention center in the United States and busy year round, because of it's location and climate.
All type of event are held there, both domestic and international, and we've worked events such as the serious American Heart Association, the playful International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the prestigious PGA's Professional Golf Association Merchandise Show and Expo, the laid back Bi-Annual Surf Expo, the Global Watersports and Beach/Lifestyle Tradeshow, to the nonstop, ever moving Zumba Instructors' Annual Convention. Almost any type of event you can imagine, we've worked it... and they all, come with huge amounts of stress, aches, and pains!  
Whether those aches and pains come from hours on their computers or smartphones, sitting in meetings/classes, or standing in exhibit booth all day, the golf, or late night partying, or that uncomfortable hotel pillow or bed... they are real and causes many to spend shorter amounts of time at the event because of it. That's where we come in... providing relief for the headaches, stiff necks and tight shoulders, and those sore aching backs and in some cases, those sore aching feet.
We work with all kinds of people, from all walks of life and professions, CMPs, DMCs, Event Planners, Exhibitors, Sales/Marketing, Show Managers, and Corporate Executives. Our services help make events come off with less tension and stress. Plus with our teams' experience and knowledge of events and the trade show industry and the ins and outs of the Orange County Convention Center and the Central Florida area convention hotels... again... help makes everyone's job easier and help get things done easier and faster.
Experience??? We have lots of it!  We've worked over a 1000 events, so we know what works well and what doesn't, and how to help get you the best results, which makes your job so much easier... another one of our goals.:) And because we are fortunate enough to work so many events each year, we've learned a thing or two, and may be able to help you and/or your booth staff with proven tips from past events, especially when your booth staff is new to working an exhibit booth or when you are using temps.
Our massages are provided mostly at professional events, so our massage therapists are professionals, with professional attitudes, appropriate dress, and use only professional equipment. We know the importance of every event and the heavy demands that normally comes along with them. Many with long hours and long days, resulting in sore bodies and fatigued minds.
Our list of event massage services include, short, seated massages (chair massages), mini-hand massages, reflexology/foot massages, and sports table massages. Each of our massage therapists are licensed in the State of Florida, and regulated by the Florida Department of Health and Medical Quality Assurance, as well as trained and experienced in event massage services. So you are literally in good hands! 🙂
According to the Mayo Clinic, everyone needs to take time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate to maintain their health. Not only does chair massages assist attendees with all three, they can have other positive health implications as well. In just 10 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate decreases, producing a state of calmness. Chair massages also provides relief from headaches, stiff necks, aching shoulders, and back... even those sore aching feet. So just having chair massage available at any event or office is a plus, especially for those who need it! So contact us today about having massage at your event or office!

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